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Banyuwangi is a small town at the furthest tip east of East Java. This town is very rich with natural resources of tourism. By the established of region autonomy rule, The Government of Banyuwangi tries to search what potencies that can improve the income of Government in succeeding autonomy region program. One of the choosing potencies is tourism sector. By doing the tourism sector, the Government of Banyuwangi hopes that this area can earn more money to support the improvement in Banyuwangi.

The Government idea in choosing the tourism as one sector that can support Banyuwangi income is very synchronous with one of themes Banyuwangi’s 229 anniversary which said “By the 229 anniversary, let’s search tourism potencies of Banyuwangi”

There are many places in Banyuwangi that can be made as the tourism object one of them is Alas Purwo as part of what it is called “‘The Diamond Triangle”. In which it is supported by Banyuwangi Government of Tourism. Art and Culture service Policy on RIPP/I983, about the Diamond Triangle, those are : The First tourism development area are focusing in Ijen Crater, Second tourism development area in Alas Purwo (Plengkung) and the third Tourism development area is in Sukamade.

Some consideration why the Government of Banyuwangi chooses Alas Purwo as one of the tourism industry as it’s program beside another program, because Alas Purwo has a lot of tourism objects and it has all of the criteria tourism destination area, those are: Natural beauty. Originality, Scarceness, Wholesomeness, cultures, the various of Flora and Fauna, ecosystem. Sea and so on (H. asma’i Hadi. SH. 2001;1)

Sunandar TN Stated, “Alas Purwo has various natural source and ecosvstem which can be used for research, education, plantation, tourism and recreation (2000; 1). The various of natural source give one of the unique things.

The tourism objects in Alas Purwo are :

1.   The Tourism area has already developed

1.1.Giri Seloka Great Temple

1.2.Sadengan Feeding Ground

1.3.Trianggulasi Beach

1.4.Pancur Beach

1.5.Parang Ireng Beach

1.6.Batu Lawang Beach

1.7.Plengkung Beach

1.8.Ngagelan Beach

1.9.Marengan and Segoro Anak Beach

2.   The Tourism area which has the potencies cart he developed

2.1 Tanjung Sembuhmg

2.2 Kayu Aking

      2.3 Prepat

      2.4 Slenggrong

      2.5 Tanjung Seloka

      2.6 Caves

3.   The Tourism activities that can be done :

3.1 Jungle track (ecotourism)

3.2 Animal Attraction

3.3 Panorama

3.4 Photograph

3.5 Surfing

3.6 Snorkeling and Diving

3.7 Fishing

3.8 Meditation

3.9 Bird Watching

3.10 Bathing

3.11 Camping

3.12 Research

From those tourism area and tourism activities can be chosen which are very interesting to be developed as the object for tourism and which are not necessary.


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